Monday, August 17, 2009

Marble and Mad Men-a good combo

We are getting closer!

Just a sneak peak.

Wear and tear update too: I left coffee and catsup on the stone for a week. Not a problem.
I'm so impressed. Now, I wonder what red wine and blueberries would do?

More later...

Oh, and what did you think of Mad Men last night? Dick Whitman, when will you learn?!

Isn't Joan the best.


  1. Three important tidbits!
    First, I have a true love of Red Velvet Cake, so I commented on your comment about a game plan for us!
    Second, I do not get Mad Men. I tried, but I just don't get it.
    Third, I am all about Flipping Out tonight!

    XOXO for stopping by & I love that marble!

  2. Can you even believe that my boyfriend is still a stinker - I mean after all that remorse last season. No way to change that man!! And whoa! that business trip for Sal!! I knew it, but didn't know they were gonna handle it. And I LOVE JOAN!! I am gonna love it every time she denigrates the male secretary! haha

  3. I thought it was a great season opener! I was shocked about the bell boy and Sal! I didn't know how far they would take that story line, but all I could say was holy cow! I love Joan! Pete Campbell is still dorky as can be, so that hasn't changed! I look forward to the rest of the episodes!:)

  4. Love the marble! I have honed marble on our kitchen island. It's durable and beautiful. The only stain that has stuck is grease - just be careful with the oil and butter.

    As to last night, I guess we didn't have to wait long to find out if Don would still be up to his old tricks. Love the Pete Campbell reaction to his disappointment - can't wait to see him implode as the season progresses!


  5. I have never seen Mad Men. I keep hearing about I need to give it a try!

  6. I can't get enough of this show. I love it! It's incredibly addicting.

  7. Marble jealousy going on here - adore it.

    I am the only person who has never seen Mad Men; Tivo here I come :D

  8. Don Draper, from the man's perspective.

    First of all, I love Mad Men as much as Granny Smith does. However, I find women's fascination with the Don Draper character very interesting. Why should anyone be surprised by his behavior with the airline stewardess? And let me let you in on another secret: he will cheat on Betty again, too. Don Draper is what he is, and until he undergoes extensive psychotherapy (which he would never submit to), he will always be what he is.

    Think about the situation in reverse. Imagine a female character who was Don's equivalent. Imagine a powerful woman, who was very talented and successful in her profession, and who was married with children. And now imagine that that woman cheated on her husband frequently and brazenly. Men would never find such a character fascinating; men would greatly dislike such a female character and find her repellent. But, honestly, how would women react to such a character.

    My suspicion is that women would judge such a female character harshly; or at least more harshly than they judge Don Draper.

    Just a little food for through while perusing my wife's blog.

  9. I was excited for Mad Men's return this past week. Isn't the fashion fun? My former neighbor looks a lot like Don Draper. Sigh... Oh, and your marble looks beautiful so far!

  10. Yeah, I agree...what else do you really need?

  11. I'm so out of the loop - I've GOT to get into Mad Men!

  12. love the marble! isn't the templating fun?!!
    don't do mad men... like lisa said, I've tried, but I just don't get it...

  13. I just love that show. I'm in Chile now but am still determined to watch it online and not miss all of the great costumes.

  14. I keep hearing recommendations, even here in London. Is it that stylish, that good, that witty? Will I be drawn in like a fish to bait?