Friday, December 18, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Friends, this truly is the most wonderful time of year. Each year, I struggle with how to decorate. Do I keep things simple? I think of how humble the very first Christmas must have been. My mind then thinks, "Wait a minute, we are celebrating the birth of the King of Kings!"

Seriously, sometimes I do good just to have a tree and a wreath on the door.
In my heart, I long for "lush and over-the-top".
I want my home and life to reflect the LOVE that was given to ALL OF US so many years ago

(thank you fabulous Becky Luigart-Stayner)

Wether you have a Charlie Brown tree, a elaborate "magazine worthy" production or a Menorah (love to you Joni and Renee), just remember that
God truly loves each and every one of YOU!

While you are going down your blog roll today and throughout the season, you may want to enjoy one of my favorite musical programs: The Sound of Majesty. I try to listen to it every day, but often miss the radio broadcast. Thankfully, you may listen to it online at any time. Please click on the link and then click "listen". My house may not be magazine worthy in decoration, but let me just say, the music playing is majestic!

Humm, wonder if I could get Tartanscot on my calendar for next year?
This fellow really knows how to decorate for Christmas--

I just adore hearing from all of you.
Please leave me a comment about what The Season means to you, your friends and family.
I look forward to hearing about your decorations and traditions.


  1. Good heavens!

    Happy, Happy, HAPPY Christmas to you and yours!
    If it weren't for a stupid concert this weekend, I was going to be back down in the South for the holidays. But, I'll let you know my plans when I'm headed your way.


  2. Love your blog and your Southern Charm + Style. Happy Holidays and look forward to reading more from you in 2010!

    The Buzz on Antiques

  3. Happy to see a new post as usual very nice,
    Merry Christmas,


  4. Merry Christmas- I've missed you!

    Christmas is all about giving and love to me. LOVE the decor you've shown as well!

  5. merry Christmas to you my love.
    what a sweet mention for joni and myself.
    you are so thoughtful.

    i am loving the details you have shown here.
    and the words are even better.

    xxx love to you and yours

  6. so pretty and from the heart as always... have a wonderful christmas x pam

  7. I seriously love your profile picture! I have a thing for green! Love those pictures of the mantles, they are gorgeous! I have the same feelings as you, thanks for sharing!

  8. Merry Christmas! Loving this post. Fabulous as usual! Last night I was thinking about what all this really means. It brings one to your knees for certain. I so agree with you on the simplicity of the Birth. And because of Christmas, we all have so much to be thankful for. And family coming home is just the icing on the cake!! xoxo

    P.S. I would be remiss if I didn't tell YOU {cause you understand me} that I am thankful for Don. He might be my best present yet ;-) hehe.

  9. Lovely thoughts on Christmas decorating!!

  10. oh my goodness. these photos are amazing. i love the mantle with the little trees in the silver goblets! just gorgeous. so "frufru" but i love it.

    i hope you have a wonderful christmas, Mrs. Granny Smith Green! many blessings for the new year!

  11. Just found your blog today.. must say I really really like it a lot!! Pretty ~ Pretty ~ Pretty!!

  12. It is always good to remind each other the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season, & you did just that. It is so easy to get carried away, especially if you have a great imagination and a lust for the lovely. Family is truly what is important and the value of friends.
    The happiest of Christmas' to you and thank you for the link to the gorgeous music. xx deb

  13. Hi Granny:
    Hope you & your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Had a minute and just wnnted to see your post again.
    Hope your holiday went well.

  15. I love every single one of these pictures. You have such great taste.

  16. As I was going down my blogroll this morning I decided to stop and visit with someone who has not posted for a while...kind of like me!
    I also stopped by because you are one of my favorites and I just wanted to say Happy New Year! YOU & your blog are always a delight to visit with. Hope all is well & you are warm!
    xoxo Lisa