Friday, January 15, 2010

The Brunch Bunch

Who doesn't adore a fabulous brunch?
Ham biscuits, sweet cakes, homemade preserves, grits and gravy!

Mr. Green and I will be hosting brunch tomorrow.
Do you have any breakfast favorites that you like to serve?

I'm looking for a few more ideas to fill in the menu.
I'd like to hear what you'd serve.

I hope your weekend will be filled with hot coffee, warm conversation
and the dearest of friends!

(Photo credit: Brooke Slezak, Beth Dreiling Hontzas, & Southern Living)


  1. I love a good Brunch and the way the house smells. I have this breakfast casserole with maple sausage that is decadent and I make an American version of pain de chocolate using crescent rolls and chocolate chips (never have leftovers of these). Have a wonderful party!

  2. I LOVE brunch! I love a savory quiche. I posted a recipe for a spinach, feta one on my log that is easy and delicious. Also, I always make a french toast casserole (often adding pecans). it is so easy and always the biggest hit. I made it recently for a brunch and ran upstairs to copy the recipe for everyone there:) let me know if you need/want the recipe..

  3. Love brunch - that's what we did for family on Christmas Day. My MIL makes a wonderful sausage and egg casserole - yum!

  4. Brunch is always so fun! I love breakfast food. I think quiche is always a good thing and maybe coffee cake or homemade cinnamon rolls. You'll have to let us know what you end up serving.:)

  5. yummie... i dont think there is anything i dont like when it comes to brunch... and of course, sharing it with friends... hope you have a wonderful weekend... x pam

  6. Quiche & tamales with salsa & fresh avocado. Bloody Mary's with a good kick of horseradish and worchesterhire sauce. Yuuuumy. It's a southwestern thing!
    Your title "The Bruch Bunch" alarmed me. My mother used to belong to a group of Jr. League gals that called themselves the Brunch Bunch! I think the libations were more popular than the quiche. Thought maybe they had re-grouped!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend & a fabulous brunch!
    xo Lisa

  7. I love brunch ~ if only it were an option every day! They are fun to host and attend. I have a very fun and tasty french toast fondue that is always a hit!

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  8. along with all the yummy breakfast foods, i like to serve a big smokes salmon on a platter with capers and lemon.
    -it makes an impressive presentation.
    you can get it at cosco for about 20$.
    it is so beautiful, and the skinny people will love you for it.
    mimmosa's, cheese, french bread, and frech sliced melon and pears. far are you from south florida.....?
    LOL xxxxx's to you

  9. So much fun, I love doing proseco and pomergranite juice as an alternative to mimmosa's!

    What time should I be there ;) Have a blast!

  10. i love brunch! i had a brunch once and it was a hit. i'm hoping to have a 'breakfast at tiffany's' get together for my girlfriends and i'll serve breakfast foods and afterward we will watch the movie. in addition to what was suggested my ideas are: muffins, almond poppy bread, hashbrown casserole, fruit, baked pears, country ham and biscuits, bagels with cream cheese, asparagus, tomatoes, breadsticks wrapped in bacon (seems weird but i had it at a b&b once and it was great), chick. salad with croissants, eclairs, lemon/raspberry cake, almond poppy bread. i know that is more than enough but i was on a roll! good luck with your party!

  11. Love me some a good brunch! There is a recipe on my blog ( called Not Your Mother's Ham Biscuits--it is a brunch must have!

  12. Oh my, everything looks so yummy. I do love a good brunch, I usually save up on calories the day before so I can splurge!

  13. I hope your brunch went well? Nothing is more fun & it seems everyone enjoys. Our family loves them. We too have mimosas, a brunch/egg dish, homemade orange rolls and fruit. Now I'm hungry....


  14. Oh, I know your brunch must have been a success, sorry, I am late to the party. For brunch, I love serving Quiche, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, fresh fruit, salads, greek yogurt, some sort of fish, like smoked salmon or trout.
    I also love to have biscuits, country ham and green veggies. I adore grits and black-eye gravy.
    Brunch is such a fun way to celebrate.

  15. I'm a little late but wanted to know how was your brunch? I've been pondering doing a brunch myself but I'm worn out from my New Year's day open house!

  16. Brunch is the best, I love yogurt sundaes and a french toast casserole. Yum!