Thursday, January 28, 2010

Name that Designer

Dearest blog friends, can you help me?
I really like these two images and haven't a clue
as to whom the designers or photographers were?
Please help me identify them so that I may give them proper credit for their amazing work.

If I recall correctly the top image was on the cover of Southern Accents several years ago.
Anyone have a back issue that can look this up?
(Things that Inspire, I'm counting on you for this one--there are intaglios!)

Now, the twin beds with the bookcase--how great is that! I know several of you have featured this on your blogs, but for the life of me, I can't remember who did this work.

(Oh, and for those interested: The brunch was wonderful. We had sausage and egg quiche, cream cheese danish, pineapple, honeydew, strawberries, grapes, shrimp and grits, pumpkin bread, assorted juices including tomato, orange, and pomegranate--and of course hot, hot coffee! I'm so sorry I didn't take one picture. I did good just to have the table set. Wish you could have seen it. I used china from the late 1800's, etched crystal, old sterling flatware and white linen. I broke a coffee cup. Boo. Oh, well. I say USE IT! What good is it sitting in a cabinet or drawer?)

Thank you, Rindy, for helping me to identify the first photograph.
"The designer is Jackye Lanham. It was the cover of the Jan/Feb 2006 issue. I just happened to have my copy out! Rindy"

Now, what about the twin bedroom shot?


  1. The designer is Jackye Lanham. It was the cover of the Jan/Feb 2006 issue. I just happened to have my copy out! Rindy

  2. I have no idea who the designer is but the images are divine!!! So glad your brunch went well!

  3. wow....
    look at that!
    ask and you shall receive.
    your answer.

    i adore the bookcase behind the bed, the short upholstered headboard,the night stand,the art mounted on the book case.....just great.

  4. The decor is lovely ~ so glad you were able to find and answer to your question.

    Your brunch sounds delicious. I agree, why have it if you're not going to use it.


  5. I never would have known, but I think they are fabulous and I love the colors. Beautiful.

  6. Hi Granny:
    Your brunch sounded wonderful! Like you, I'm so busy trying to get everything togther I never have time to take pictures. Oh, I do have that old issue of Southern Accents. If you need something else out of it, just let me know.

  7. I knew Jackye's work immediately. She's just the best!

  8. your brunch sounded great! i know what you mean about trying to take pictures. i only have about 4 pictures from ella's 2nd bday:(

  9. Awww, late to the game. I knew immediately, though! Occasionally a private residence decorated by Jackye will come on the market; she is definitely one of the greats of traditional interior design.

  10. I recognize both of these images but could not place them exactly. I am perusing old issues looking for some inspiration for my sitting room so I will let you know if I can identify the second one. What publication is the first one from? I know I have it but I get several subscriptions.

  11. Have always loved that bedroom & have always love Jackye Lanham! A classic is always a classic! Sounds like your brunch was wonderful.