Monday, February 20, 2012

The Double Strand

Pull out your linen hankeies and your pearls!
(and waterproof mascara)

It's going to be an amazing gathering and
I hope that you will consider attending.

It is my understanding that there are only about a dozen seats remaining,
so get your name on one of them soon!

I'd imagine one could expect hearing all about why YOU ARE HIS PEARL

For more information on this happy occasion, please click here


  1. I have attended and it was amazing....

  2. hi darling friend... had to pop by to make sure you know i think of you often... much love... xoxo

  3. Renae Moore and I often discuss the wonderfulness of Sibi's life and her mission. So glad you were able to attend. I bet it was inspiring in so many ways. I often think about you and the wonderfulness of our many emails regarding southern women and their many ways of putting up with nonsense. Makes me smile and brings back fond memories of my early blogging days. Hope this time of year finds you doing what you love.
    xo Lisa

  4. I missed to attend it. but thanks for updates. xo
    - Vinnie
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